The graffiti has been cleaned off.

16-07-2018Pere Bota

Anti-tourism graffiti that was daubed on the walls of four boutique hotels in Palma has been removed. The hotels undertook the work themselves and didn't require the assistance of the Emaya municipal services agency.

Images of the graffiti were distributed on social media by a collective called Tot Inclòs (All Inclusive). On Facebook, it was stated that the hotels are directly responsible for the expulsion of residents, the increased cost of living and the destruction of the social fabric.

The hotels that were affected have apparently not been contacted about the graffiti by the government or the town hall, although both have condemned the vandalism.

Elena Davitti, the chief receptionist at the Ca'n Cera Hotel, says that there were no complaints from clients. She adds that she is most surprised about what happened. "We are not used to this type of thing. We have been open for seven years; this was one of the first boutique hotels in Palma."

From her point of view, the graffiti was action perpetrated by those who staged a small protest at the airport on Saturday. No specific group has in fact claimed responsibility. The radical youth organisation Arran shared images of the graffiti on its social media accounts. Members of Arran were involved in the airport protest.