Aurora Jhardi, under fire over illegal sellers.


The argument over illegal street traders is getting more vehement, with business associations calling for the Palma councillor for public service, Aurora Jhardi, to resign.

She has single handedly defended the "human rights" of illegal street traders to continue operating in Palma and has even suggested they be given language courses to help their trading skills.

In accordance with national law, illegal street trading is a crime and can be easily stopped. However, despite continual complaints from the business community, Jhardi has continued to defend the so-called rights of illegal street traders. The retail sector has now had enough and wants her to stand down.

As far as the retailers are concerned, Jhardi, who is also behind the move to reduce the number of bar and restaurant terraces, should "keep her personal views to herself" and think about the bigger picture and the welfare of the small business sector and of the city as a whole.