Mayor Antoni Noguera with Playa de Palma representatives. | Ajuntament de Palma

The relationship between the town hall and Playa de Palma businesses and residents had all but broken down. Both sides are now looking to re-establish meaningful dialogue, with the town hall seemingly determined to get tough with booze tourism now that its new public order bylaw has been approved by the governing board.

At a meeting between Mayor Noguera and Playa de Palma representatives on Thursday, there was agreement to call on the Balearic government to ban alcoholic drinks as part of the package offered by all-inclusive hotels in so-called mature tourist resorts; Playa de Palma is one of these. It was argued that the free provision of drink is a public health problem. The government is at present considering regulation by which guests in all-inclusives would have to pay for any alcoholic drinks.

The town hall has promised measures against bar and club happy hours and other forms of alcoholic drink promotions. These are envisaged in the bylaw, which will be given initial approval by the full council session next week and is set to come into force in either September or October.

Noguera told the representatives that he will be presenting the case for a twenty million euro investment in Playa de Palma to the national secretary of state for tourism, Bel Oliver. This will include new street lighting and an improvement to the sewage network.

One of the representatives, Ana Rodríguez, said after the meeting that she had found Noguera to be very concerned and aware of the serious situation in Playa de Palma. He told the group that he has been there in person and seen at first hand the problems that exist.