Priority for street artist licences will be given to residents of Palma.


Palma town hall is to limit the number of street artists in the centre of the city. Eva Frade, councillor for citizen participation, says that at present there are some 200 or so artists and performers. The future limit will be between 100 and 150.

A decree to regulate street activity will be passed early next month, and towards the end of August a census will be opened for which artists will need to register and obtain a licence. The licences will only be given after a couple of quality checks are made. Examples of work, e.g. products that are made or videos of performance, will be evaluated, while a declaration of responsibility will have to be made. This is in order to verify the legality of products, e.g. that they are someone's own work.

Once licences are issued, musicians' pitches will be rotated, while other artists, such as caricaturists, will be given fixed spots. Licences given at the end of August will be valid until no later than November, at which point a new procedure will be opened. An annual licence will then be available for artists who live in the city. A six-monthly one will be offered to other artists who go to the city for the main tourism season. Priority is to be given to annual licence applicants. A "symbolic" charge will be made in return for receiving a licence. Fines for not having a licence will be 300 euros.

There is also to be a limit on the number of artists in Playa de Palma, but the figure has yet to be determined. In other parts of Palma there will not be any limits.