Paving in the Parc de la Mar is crumbling.

21-07-2018Pere Bota

The Parc de la Mar in Palma needs work doing to it. Rodrigo Romero, councillor for infrastructure, explains that some of the park is in a poor condition and requires urgent intervention to make it look decent and to ensure accessibility. For improvements to what is one of the city's principal tourist areas, the town hall is applying for 4.1 million euros of investment from tourist tax revenue.

Romero's department has developed a project for a facelift. It consists of three phases, as he is aware that if tourist tax money is forthcoming, it may have to be staggered. The first phase, valued at 1.65 million euros, concerns work between Antoni Maura and Costa del Gas. The most pressing requirement is for the children's playground area, where the paving is crumbling and accessibility is poor. Improvements to street lighting and to water supplies are also part of this first phase.

The other two phases would essentially cover similar necessities - paving and services. A complicating factor, notes Romero, is presented by the Antoni Maura underground car park.

He believes that the project satisfies purposes for which the tourist tax can be invested. If no tax revenue is forthcoming, the town hall will look to get funding from the annual investment available to it as a capital city.