Calvia police, called to two suspected rape incidents in Magalluf.


A Briton and an Irishman, aged respectively 18 and 19, have been arrested by Calvia police on suspicion of rape.

On Sunday morning, the police were called by a medical centre in Magalluf which was attending to a 33-year-old British woman who medics believed had been raped. From information obtained, the police were able to identify her alleged attacker as a 19-year-old Irishman who was staying at the same hotel - the BH Mallorca.

He is said to have spent part of the night with friends of the woman in a hotel room. He later forced her to have sex. When she tried to escape, he grabbed her and left marks on her neck.

Prior to this incident, the police were called on Friday morning. A 19-year-old British woman was in a state of shock and barely able to speak. A friend said that an 18-year-old British male, staying at the same hotel, had sexually assaulted her. According to a worker at the hotel (Wave House), the woman was half naked on the floor of the hotel reception, and companions of her alleged attacker were telling her not to report anything.

The police notified the ambulance service, and the woman was taken to Son Espases Hospital for a medical examination. The male tourist and a roommate are now being investigated by the Guardia Civil.

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