At the airport yesterday.

Fifty-seven Ryanair flights in the Balearics were cancelled yesterday because of industrial action by cabin crews. In Majorca there were 32 cancellations - sixteen arrivals and sixteen departures - for services to the mainland.

The industrial action affected Spain, Portugal and Belgium, and there was also a 24-hour strike of Italian pilots and cabin crew. This had an impact on flights to and and from Italy, with Ibiza Airport affected.

Unions said that the 100% minimum service level for flights to and from the Balearics, which the national ministry of development had set, was complied with. The cancellations were due to flights that Ryanair had pulled in advance of the strike and of the minimum service level having been set. The Balearic government's director-general for ports and airports, Xavier Ramis, believes that rather than comply, Ryanair have contravened the ministry's demand. In Italy it would seem that there was no minimum service level arrangement.

Some Ryanair staff staged a protest at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport yesterday in demanding improved working conditions.