No beach services for much of the summer.

28-06-2018Lluc Garcia

Beaches in Soller will return to normal next month when services such as sunloungers and parasols will finally be available. The town hall's governing board approved the concession on Tuesday and so will hopefully bring to an end a matter that has aroused a great deal of controversy.

At the end of last year, the town hall decided to "change the model of management" of the beaches. A company was commissioned to draw up new specifications. Bidders therefore had to show that they could meet these as well as provide the usual range of services.

However, the tender terms were very complicated. The Costas Authority, which has to approve new beach specifications and also has to give updated authorisations for concession periods, didn't do so until the end of April. On top of this, there was a series of challenges to the terms of the tender. It was then decided to eliminate four of what had been five companies that were bidding.

The beaches have therefore been without services, with the exception of lifeguards. Beach safety is an element of the concession, but the town hall had to ensure there were lifeguards. They are a legal obligation.

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