Police inspecting hire cars.

26-07-2018Palma Policia Local

Palma police have issued fines for 400 hire cars that were parked on the street without being hired out. This is forbidden under municipal traffic regulations, and the police will be checking on hire-car parking during August in order to ensure that there are spaces for residents. If hire cars continue to be parked, they will be removed.

The campaign against the prohibited parking started at the beginning of June. On the first day of inspection, forty sanctions were raised for cars being parked without having been hired out, for not visibly displaying details of a rental contract and not showing information to identify the hire company. The fines range between 60 and 90 euros per vehicle.

The police responded to complaints from residents in Can Pastilla back in May. There were large numbers of hire cars parked on the streets. There is an issue with this parking elsewhere in Playa de Palma as well as along the Paseo Marítimo and on the Son Castelló industrial estate. In some instances, cars were occupying up to 25 metres on a daily basis.

Police officers have also found that some cars were exhibiting information about non-existent contracts. These were intended to allow the cars to be parked on the streets without fines being imposed.