A grey landscape in the Tramuntana after the fire.


There has been significant recuperation of the area around Andratx that was affected by the major fire in summer 2013. The environment ministry reports that 60% of the forest has been restored and that there is a good diversity of plants. This includes a great deal of reed. The Aleppo pine tree is also doing well, but monitoring of young trees is necessary, especially after periods of drought.

There has been relatively low erosion thanks to the effectiveness of dry stone terracing and to the fact that there haven't been periods of prolonged torrential rainfall over the past five years. The recuperation is positive, but a challenge remains with re-establishing pine forests. In this regard, it will be necessary to continue to control feral goats so that ecosystems can fully recover and aid natural regeneration.

The fire, which was caused by negligence, broke out in Coma Calenta, Andratx on 26 July. It was one of the most devastating in the island's history, burning 2,400 hectares. It took eighteen days to finally extinguish the fire. High temperatures, dry conditions and wind provided a lethal mix, to which were added difficulties with access in the mountains. Firefighting planes operated round the clock during daylight, and the army's emergencies unit (UME) was called in from the mainland.