Some bars have fallen foul of noise regulations.


Calvia town hall has initiated proceedings against fourteen establishments for serious breaches of regional acoustic contamination legislation. Thirteen of these are on Punta Ballena in Magalluf; the fourteenth is on Ramon de Montcada in Santa Ponsa.

The infringements of noise pollution regulations are for keeping doors open after midnight and for doing so repeatedly. In some instances the doors were being kept open by having chairs or stalls wedged against them to prevent their being closed.

Municipal ordinance, reflecting the legislation, states that doors, windows and any other form of opening must be closed at nighttime, meaning from midnight. Given the seriousness of the breaches, fines can range from 601 to 12,000 euros. On top of this, the music activity can be suspended for a month and a day or as long as a year.  Certain establishments have committed three or more infractions for keeping doors open within the space of a fortnight.

The local police had responded to numerous complaints from residents. Their response was in the context of a campaign for monitoring noise pollution under the auspices of the town hall's activities department, to which the resident's complaints had been sent.

Those responsible for the various establishments now have a period during which they can make submissions regarding the charges. Once this period finishes, the town hall will decide on the appropriate penalties.