Balconing in Arenal.


After a tragic start to the summer, which has left three British holidaymakers dead as a result of balcony falls, it would appear the balconing craze is back - in Arenal at any rate.

At meetings between the local and British authorities about incidents this year, it was agreed that, in the case of Magalluf, the balconing craze was over and that the fatal falls were as a result of excess alcohol. The term "balconing" has, however, come to mean climbing from balcony to balcony. It was originally coined to refer to diving into pools from balconies.

In Calvia, the town hall has started fining people caught balconing. But it appears that some holidaymakers are determined to risk their lives.

On Sunday afternoon at a hotel in Arenal, a young tourist was filmed scaling the exterior of the hotel up to a third-floor balcony. After having climbed over the railings and positioned himself on the edge of the balcony, he was egged on by his friends below and threw himself off, aiming for the swimming pool. Fortunately for him, he made it.

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