Archive image of National Police in Playa de Palma.

02-08-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

On Wednesday, the National Police arrested a Palma taxi driver for having stolen a tourist's phone and having attempted to charge the tourist eighty euros for a journey of around one kilometre.

Around half past midnight on Wednesday morning, a 22-year-old German tourist left a nightspot in Playa de Palma. He was drunk and decided to take a taxi to his hotel. By Balneario 1, the driver asked him for 80 euros. He was bundled out of the taxi and surrounded by four men who started to frisk him. The taxi driver took his mobile, worth at least 800 euros.

The tourist reported the incident to the National Police, who were able to locate the phone. At eight o'clock on Wednesday evening, the taxi driver was stopped by the police and found to have the phone with a message on it asking him to return it. He suggested that he had taken the phone because a tourist had been sick in the car and had refused to pay for it to be cleaned. He was arrested for robbery with violence.