The finca in the background will reveal more of the Roman town.

06-08-2018A.H. / A.B.

Alcudia town hall wants to extend the protected area of the Pollentia Roman town by including the Tanca de Can Domenech finca, which is on the other side of the road that passes by the cemetery and the excavations.

Preliminary surveys of the finca suggest that it contains evidence of more of Sa Portella, which was the main residential area in the Roman town. As one drives or walks past Pollentia along the cemetery road, Sa Portella is what one can see.

The finca is valued at 1,215,420 euros; it is owned by a local hotelier. The town hall intends applying for funding from tourist tax revenue to acquire it. The proposal is based on preserving the area for archaeological excavation and also on complementing the existing Roman town through scientific and cultural features, such as natural rock that is on the finca.

The whole of Pollentia is estimated to have been some twenty hectares in size and to have connected the major port on the bay of Alcudia with the minor port on the bay of Pollensa. In 2017, the excavations attracted some 40,000 visitors. As well as the archaeological, historical and scientific interest, Pollentia has its tourism value.