Tomeu Planas of Es Verger speaking after the robbery.

25-04-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

The Guardia Civil have concluded an investigation into a robbery at the house that is the annexe to the well-known Es Verger restaurant by Alaro Castle.

The robbery was committed on Monday, 23 April at around half one in the afternoon. Two female members of the family which owns the restaurant, both in their eighties, were in the house; the restaurant is closed on Mondays. Three hooded men came to the door of the house and threatened the women with a knife. Two other men were outside keeping watch. The safe was stolen, and it contained some 50,000 euros, money typically kept aside to pay suppliers in cash.

The Guardia investigation led to an initial arrest on 5 May. Further arrests were made up to 20 July. In all, ten people were detained; eight of them Moroccan, one Polish and the other German. Five were directly involved with the robbery and are now in custody. The other five provided information or were responsible for concealment and the receiving of stolen goods. Assistance was given to send money to Morocco through money-transfer services. These five individuals were released after having made statements to a court.

After the robbery happened in April, Tomeu Planas, one of the family, said that his aunts thought they were going to be killed.