Trams for Palma.


Palma town hall wants the Fan Mallorca Shopping and Mercapalma area to be connected to the city by a tram line. This would itself link up with the planned tram system from the Plaça Espanya into Playa de Palma and then to the airport.

This option is being considered for the new general urban plan for Palma, with a proposal being made to reserve land for a tramline or another form of public transport with high capacity. Keeping the plan open for transport development is considered to be essential.

At present, the tram suggestion is no more than embryonic, but the Council of Majorca is being made aware of it, as it would have an impact on the Council's ideas for linking the new Via Conectora to the motorway heading in the direction of the airport. To this end, the town hall would like the Council to modify the plan for the road and set aside land for the tram system.

There is an additional plan, and that is the Balearic government's. The land and transport ministry has presented its project for the tram from the city centre to the airport plus a new railway line for the area. This line would connect the station at Pont d'Inca with the Son Llatzer Hospital, Mercapalma and Fan Mallorca and continue past Coll d'en Rabassa to Llucmajor.

The link between the Via Conectora and the motorway has presented the most discussion between the different institutions, the Council now having amended its project in order to reduce the environmental impact. It would have new bike lanes and require the building of two bridges and at least three roundabouts.

The budget estimate for the tram from the Plaça Espanya to the airport is 157.5 million euros. The railway line to Llucmajor would cost 184 million.