Busy at the airport.

17-08-2018Nuria Rincón

The airports authority Aena is forecasting 1,091 flights and 183,696 passengers at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport on Saturday. These figures for arrivals and departures come at the end of the week when tourist numbers have been at their highest. The passenger volume tomorrow will set a new record for a single day, the 180,000 mark having only been passed for the first time last August.

On Wednesday, which was a national holiday, there were 931 flights and 150,838 passengers, but on Tuesday these numbers were surpassed - 942 and 157,767.

The highest number of people in the Balearics - residents, tourists and others - is always registered on a day in the middle of August. Two years ago, this figure exceeded two million for the first time; almost twice the official resident population of the Balearics. It seems probable that a new record for this "human pressure" will be set this August. As well as the high numbers of passengers at the airport on Saturday, there will be 166,254 on Sunday.