Ryanair's new hand luggage policy will be introduced in November.


Ryanair's new hand luggage policy will be introduced in November, when only small bags that can fit under the seat in front will be free. As such, Ryanair will be out of step with other low-cost airlines: easyJet, Norwegian and Eurowings allow suitcases of around 55x40x25 cms in size to be taken on as hand luggage without charge.

With easyJet a bag of 56x45x25 cms can be taken on. The airline has other arrangements according to its promotional schemes such as the easyJet Plus card. Norwegian allows a bag of 55x40x23 cms, as well as a smaller bag (25x33x20 cms), so long as the weight is not over ten kilos. Eurowings permits 55x40x23 cms, maximum weight eight kilos and a piece of "personal equipment" up to 40x30x10 cms.

Spanish airlines have similar policies. In the case of Volotea, it allows a small suitcase plus another item and does not include the cost of checking in a case up to 20 kilos.

The main consumer associations in Spain argue that Ryanair will be in breach of an article in the air navigation law. The agency for air safety is studying this. The European Commission has asked the Irish authorities for information about the Ryanair policy in order to see if it complies with European legislation. The International Air Transport Association believes that airlines should be able to decide what policies they adopt for luggage and charges.

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