Daniel is now home but faces months of recuperation.


On 25 August, a 45-year-old diver, Daniel, was diving in an area between Cap Blanc and Cala Pi in Llucmajor. He was diving with friends at a regulatory distance and had taken necessary safety measures - a buoy to indicate the position of a diver. However, he was struck by the propellers of a launch. He admits that it is a miracle that he is alive.

He felt as if he had been cut in two. He put a hand to his back and the hand was covered in blood. He could insert his whole hand into the wound. A diving companion, Pedro, to whom he owes his life, shouted at the boat user to stop. He lifted Daniel onto the boat and used a towel to cover the wound. A few minutes later, a helicopter from the marine rescue service arrived and he was taken to Son Espases Hospital. The Guardia Civil went to the scene and have been in charge of investigating what happened.

Daniel was in a critical condition. Twenty-eight staples were eventually used to close the wounds. He has suffered problems with the sacrum and various vertebrae. In fact, nerves for the functioning of the testicles and rectum were cut.

On Sunday he was able to go home. His recuperation will take months, perhaps years. In the next few days the judicial procedure will start for determining the responsibility of the person in charge of the boat.

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