Police managed to overpower the attacker after shooting him in the leg.


Two German tourists, aged 27 and 46 and members of the Hell's Angels, were stabbed by a man said to be Libyan on Monday morning.

The incident occurred on the calle Missió de San Diego in Playa de Palma at around half one. There was a fight between the three, and the Libyan attacked the two Germans with a knife and then ran off. Security personnel from local establishments initially assisted the tourists, who were later taken to hospital. Their condition was described as "reserved".

National Police officers searched for the attacker and when they found him, he was still carrying a knife and was behaving in a violent manner. Officers attempted to calm him down without success. They fired a shot in the air, but were then forced to shoot him in a leg. He was taken to Son Espases. No officer was injured. The homicide squad has taken charge of the investigation.