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03-09-2018Vasil Vasilev

The police confirmed yesterday that the immigrant who stabbed two German tourists in the early hours of Monday morning in Playa de Palma is in fact an illegal Moroccan immigrant who had been expelled from Spain and not Libyan, as he first claimed to the police after he was shot in the leg and arrested.

The Moroccan, who is still in hospital but is expected to be discharged within a few days as the bullet did no serious damage, has a criminal record in Spain, which is why he was eventually expelled. But he somehow managed to slip back into the country and has been living in Arenal.

Police continued questioning witnesses yesterday. One was warned at knife point not to say anything, while one of the German tourists remained in casualty being treated for a stab wound very close to his heart. The police are now trying to determine the motive for the attack.