PALMA - El Govern endurecerá las multas para poner coto a casi 3.000 barcos de alquiler ilegales


Boatjump is the name of the first website to bring together all the recreational and sport boats for hire in the Balearics. There are 2,722 boats registered with the Balearic government. The website currently has references to 65% of these. One of the people behind Boatjump, Pablo Ruibal, says that he expects there will be 100%.

The website, apart from enabling adverts of boats for hire, is said to form part of the fight against "piracy" in the charter hire sector. There are no questions about the boats on the website, which is interested only in promoting "best practice".

Details are available about the boats, the different types and the various offers, including crew. Legal requirements for renting out a boat are made clear. For Boatjump, the website ( represents a great responsibility, given that it is the only one and is directed at an international market.

The directors are in regular contact with owners and the ports authorities and are proposing ways of increasing transparency in the sector and of generating a "positive impact". The website is also to engage in "sustainable" ventures, such as the organisation of beach clean-ups, maritime research and school trips. For next year there will also be interactive guides to provide information about posidonia sea grass conservation.

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