The federation of parents associations in Majorca, Fapa, has consistently raised objections to the "Birracruzis". This is essentially a bar crawl attended by what can be up to several hundred people which concludes with a lunchtime meal and barbecue. It was originally held in Pollensa, and the people behind it were beer enthusiasts. Although it is a form of bar crawl, it has never particularly been associated with binge drinking.

This said, Pollensa town hall decided that it could no longer permit it, and so the event shifted to Inca. It has been held in Inca for the past three years. At the council meeting last week, the El Pi party sought to get it banned; a motion that was rejected.

Fapa's objections have always had to do with the potential that the Birracruzis has to expose minors to the risks of alcohol. It is, the federation says, a private event that has the sole objective of drinking beer on a Saturday morning and doing so with the atmosphere of a fiesta. "We are opposed to the public promotion of a type of fun event that is totally linked to abusive consumption of alcohol by adults in the presence of minors." Children, the federation argues, are being taught at home and in school about the dangers of alcohol, and then there are "fiestas like this one with the authorisation of the town hall".

The federation met the mayor, Virgilio Moreno, three years ago. He apparently said that he would ensure that the event did not affect minors. "Unfortunately, everything is the same, including the lunch, for which many people appear to be content to let it take place in squares in the town centre."