Tomeu Barceló has lived in an apartment in Puerto Pollensa for twenty years. On 26 June, 2016, he was celebrating his birthday by listening to Handel's "Messiah". Two local police officers turned up in the garden of the Las Palmeras apartments. Tomeu says that he wasn't expecting them, he was half undressed and he told them to "f*** off".

The officers issued him with a fine of 330 euros for having insulted them and for having been playing the music too loudly, which was the reason why they had gone to the apartments. Tomeu, who has been on the dole for a couple of years, believes that the fine was exorbitant. "It was seven in the evening. In this area you can hear loud music in the summer. I understand this because bars have to make their money."

The police were to report that when they arrived, Tomeu touched his genitals and told them to "f*** off". He then increased the volume of the music and shouted at them as though "possessed".

Tomeu says that the police had no decibel meter. He doesn't know who denounced him for playing loud music, but he suspects that it was a female neighbour. "It's impossible to speak to her. She doesn't like cats (Tomeu has several), and they go into her garden and damage the flowers."

The president of the residents community, Tosca Mogolofksy, says that Tomeu has never bothered her and she lives opposite him. Tomeu has refused to pay the fine. A week ago he got a letter from the Hacienda telling him that if he doesn't pay, the apartment will be "embargoed". He adds that if he were working, he would have no problem with paying it. But all he gets is a 400 euro monthly benefit. "It's robbery. They're having a laugh. If I'd told them to 'f*** off' in English, nothing would have happened."