The ombú tree in Palma's Plaça de la Reina is suffering an infection that threatens its conservation. The tree has had listed status since 2003.

In the middle of July a branch fell down, caused damage to a car and slightly injured two people. This led to an examination of the tree and the discovery of internal rot. Since the branch fell off, the rot has extended to the base of the tree.

The environment ministry has taken samples in order to try and determine the nature of the infection. Arboriculture specialists have been advising the ministry. Fungicide treatment is now being used, but this type of tree is highly sensitive and treatment for rot is not straightforward. Everything is being done to save the tree without putting the public at risk.

The tree belongs to the town hall. It is some one hundred years old, fourteen metres tall and has a canopy of twenty metres diameter. It is known as the "bella sombra" (lovely shade) tree, because of the shelter it offers from sun and rain.