Under the new contract for parks and gardens, Palma town hall will be creating more areas with shade and increasing the number of benches. Infrastructure councillor Rodrigo Romero says that there will be half a million euros for these purposes as from next year, when 350,000 euros will come from the contract's budget and the rest from the "participative budgets" - spending suggested by the public.

The parks which most need investment are Sa Riera, the Parc de ses Estacions, Son Gibert and Son Dameto. In the Parc de Sa Riera, Romero notes that there are areas which border the torrent stream and with children's playgrounds where this is a lack of shade. There are, he adds, two types of shade - one from trees and the other from pergolas. The town hall is reluctant to have to rely on pergolas because they have more of a maintenance cost.

All children's playgrounds will be renewed, whether this is with new attractions or surfacing. The terms of the parks and gardens contract will mean "more intensive maintenance". The current one has prevision for very little investment.