Arran with a banner.


It was recently confirmed that three members of the radical youth group Arran will be taken to court to answer charges of insults levelled at the former president of the Balearics, José Ramón Bauzá, and the president of the Actúa Baleares party, Jorge Campos.

The two politicians denounced the Arran members after a banner was put up in Palma which described them as fascists. The third target for Arran, the leader of Cuidadanos in the Balearics, Xavier Pericay, appears not to have formally denounced them.

Yesterday, Arran made clear that "no denouncement will make us shut up". In a statement the group also referred to the recent incident at a gathering in a Palma park when Palma police removed banners in support of Catalonia political prisoners. "The justice system and the police also show the hand of fascism and attempt to stop any gesture of fight on the island." The statement went on: "The Catalanphobes spend their time denouncing any expression of fight."

Referring to the case of Majorcan rapper Valtonyc, who fled to Belgium, Arran said that "it shows the Spanish state and the supposed justice system to be promoting fascism with the intention of imprisoning freedom of expression, which other countries do not consider to be a crime".