Yacht up for sale.


The shipping company Baleària is putting the yacht Foners up for sale at a price of eight million euros. The yacht used to be called Fortuna and to be used by the former king, Juan Carlos. The actual use was minimal. When Baleària bought the yacht in 2014 it had only done 1,000 hours of sailing: some 72 hours per annum.

When Juan Carlos abdicated, the yacht - the most famous in the Balearics - wasn't quite the same. As nautical industry people said at the time, it's not the same if it's a yacht for someone who isn't the king. The sale was agreed by the Balearics Tourism and Cultural Foundation. The price was something of a bargain. It had originally cost 19 million euros. The change of name was a tribute to the ancient Balearic stone slingers, and since 2014 it has been based in Denia.

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