Tourists taking photos in Palma.

29-08-2012J. AGUIRRE

Yesterday was World Tourism Day, and to mark the occasion there was a form of protest against tourism by the Palma group Ciutat per a qui l'habita (city for those who live here).

Posters were placed over certain street signs, renaming them Carrer d'Airbnb, Carrer dels Creuers (cruise ships), and Carrer d'Aptur (the former name of the holiday rentals association Habtur). Plaça Cort in front of the town hall became Plaça Starbucks. The protest was against tourist "massification".

In a statement the group said this was an action to draw attention to the harm caused by tourism to neighbourhoods. World Tourism Day offered "nothing to celebrate". "Every year on 27 September, the International Tourism Organisation (sic - it is the World Tourism Organisation), lobbies and local institutions praise the excellence of the tourism industry and ignore the misery, conflicts and cruelties."