Ortiz with a poster of his daugher Malen.

Alejandro Ortiz is the father of Malén Ortiz, the fifteen-year-old whose disappearance in 2013 has never been solved. On Thursday night he was arrested at his home in Santa Ponsa.

According to residents, he arrived back at the apartment and was in a highly agitated state and started threatening them. Calvia police went to the scene. Despite attempts to calm him down, he continued to act in an aggressive and violent manner, threatening the officers and saying that he was going to cause serious injuries to Calvia's mayor. The officers restrained him, but once outside he hit a patrol car and shouted that there was going to be blood. He was arrested for resisting authority but was taken to Son Espases Hospital's psychiatric unit. Police suspected that he was under the influence of drugs. The Guardia Civil have since taken charge of the case.

It is not the first time that he has been in trouble with the police. He was previously detained for mistreatment and during the summer he was involved in a violent incident which also required his being taken to Son Espases.

The neighbours say that there are regular incidents and that they are afraid of him because he is extremely violent.

He appeared in court yesterday, was charged with resisting authority and damaging property and released.