Work at the pier in Puerto Soller will start on Thursday. Among other things, it involves the building of the fishermen's building. While it is being welcomed, the work has a drawback: the temporary loss of eighty parking spaces.

As well as these eighty, there are another eighty that the town hall had made available over the summer as ORA paid-for spaces. The contract for this ran out at the end of September. The consequence will be the loss of 160 spaces at least until next May.

There is naturally a concern about this. During the autumn, the number of vehicles going into Puerto Soller remains high, especially at weekends. There haven't been sufficient spaces as it is, so the loss of 160 exacerbates the problem with parking.

The town hall hasn't made provision for any alternative parking. It doesn't have responsibility for the pier as this lies with the regional government's Ports IB. Regardless of whose responsibility it is, the result is the same - insufficient parking and inconvenience for residents.