The Balearic health service is seeking to establish if the apparent outbreak of a cutaneous virus that affected some fifty small children was transmitted by a child who had carried it to Majorca.

Club Mac in Alcudia, it has been confirmed, has not been inspected by the Balearic health ministry this year. However, it was inspected last year and was found to have no deficiencies in terms of health control. The director-general of public health, Maria Ramos, says that it is not possible for inspectors to visit every establishment each year, but she stresses that the inspection in 2017 established that the hotel complex has numerous procedures for, for example, disinfection, the cleaning of play facilities and the removal of faeces from pools.

The cause of the virus, which affects legs and feet, hands and arms and the mouth, has still to be confirmed. The majority of the children were from Scotland. Ramos stresses that the virus is highly contagious and that there is no indication that the hotel was at fault as its procedures are "very well established". She adds that it is difficult to gather information about the virus as those affected are not in Majorca.