Xisco celebrating after completing the Spartan Race last year.


The English mother of yacht skipper Xisco Prieto, Rosemary Graham, told the Bulletin yesterday that the whole family is praying for the welfare of Xisco who was brutally attacked by a known thug in San Remo in the early hours of Sunday, 23 September while walking back to his yacht with a friend.

Xisco, 34, is a former pupil of Queen’s College who is extremely well known in Majorca. While he is no longer fighting for his life, his medical condition remains serious and complicated.

"Xisco happened to have bumped into a fellow Italian sailor he had worked with in San Remo and they had gone out for a catch-up. In the early hours of Sunday they were heading back to Xisco’s yacht when he was suddenly attacked for no reason whatsoever. Neither he nor his friend were expecting anything when a local guy, known to the police, who is not only extremely well built but was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, punched Xisco in the head, knocked him to the floor and did his best to kick him while his friend battled to protect him. He was hurt but nothing serious."

However, when Xisco went down that is when he smashed his head on the concrete, cracking his head open and suffering a blood clot . That is why he was airlifted to a special head and brain injury hospital in Pietra Ligure which is where Rosemary, Xisco’s sister Laura and other family members were yesterday, by his bedside.

Rosemary explained that because of the pressure the blood clot was causing to his brain, Xisco was initially placed in an induced coma, but fortunately, the clot has since shrunk and he was brought around a few days ago. But yesterday there appeared be to be complication.

"A few days ago, he caught a lung infection, something similar to pneumonia, but yesterday the doctors here, who are excellent as are the police - these incidents happen very rarely in this part of the world - increased the level of painkillers etc., knocking him out again. But at least he was no longer in the coma and was taken for a CAT scan mid-afternoon.

"When he hit the floor, he cracked open an eye socket. The blood tests have shown that there is a blood infection. We just hope that the scan can help locate and identify the infection. The owner of the yacht Xisco was skippering is being extremely helpful; obviously Xisco will need a lawyer eventually.

"The person who attacked him has been charged with attempted homicide, so at least the thug has been arrested. The locals here, including the chief of police, are disgusted by the attack and we are receiving a lot of support, not only locally but also from all of Xisco’s friends in Majorca. What is also lovely here is that family and friends can spend up to seven hours a day in intensive care with the patients. We are in fact encouraged to be with Xisco, talking to him, stroking him, letting him know we are there and that is a real help.

"All we can do now is wait for the results of the scan and let the doctors take it from there. But he is a very fit and healthy young man and that will hopefully work in his favour." Rosemary said.

Rosemary is now married to charity director Allen Graham. Xisco is her son from her first marriage.

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