Calvia town hall and the association for maritime activities businesses (Apeam) have signed an agreement which will signal the end of booze cruise party boats using the pier in Magalluf.

The agreement covers the use of the pier by four businesses based in Palma and two in Calvia. These are members of Apeam and have ten boats. The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, is stressing the importance of the agreement as a means of eliminating "the nuisance that party boats cause to residents and visitors". The president of Apeam, Miguel Puigserver, describes the agreement as a "model example" that could be adopted elsewhere in the Balearics.

Party boats are said to be characterised by "a tourism of excesses, with all-inclusive offers and promotions that foster drunkenness as well as loud music and games of a sexual nature".

The pier is not solely for the use of businesses beloning to Apeam. Other businesses can use it if there is authorisation from the Costas Authority and the town hall.