Last Thursday, a security guard at a Magalluf bar managed to restrain an individual with a saw knife.

In the early hours of Thursday, a worker at the bar who was collecting glasses saw someone come to the door of the bar that was closed. He opened it and without a word being said was punched.

The security guard, boxer David "Iron" Martín, grabbed hold of the attacker and restrained him. In the course of this, he was cut on the hand with the saw knife. Having immobilised the attacker, the Guardia Civil arrived. They arrested the individual, who was apparently well-known to them. The security guard was taken to hospital.

Several local people explained that the attacker was not well and was also a troublemaker. He had apparently punched people in the street for no reason a few days before, and before the incident in the bar had been waving a knife around. "One day he's going to kill someone."

The bar is on the Camí de sa Porrassa. One resident has said that some of the locals are senior citizens who have become afraid of this person. "We were really lucky there was a security guard to stand up to him."

The attacker has been involved in various incidents in the past. For now, having made a court appearance, he is at liberty.