The Aviba travel agencies association is denouncing increases in the prices of flights since the residents discount was raised 25% to 75%. Its vice-president, Javier Esteban, says this is generalised practice by airlines at specific times when demand for air travel goes up. "The airlines change prices on a whim in order to get maximum profit, which detracts from the effect of the increased discount."

The association points out that there is no table of official prices, except for the maximum prices. Airlines can therefore exploit a broad price range. The greater the demand, they raise the base price for which there is no control. This harms residents as they have to pay more.

In the Canaries the minister for social policies, Cristina Valido, has taken the matter up with the national ministry of development and wants it to act because of increased prices since the new discount was introduced. She says that although there are no official reports, the increased prices are clearly evident and that they mean more profit for airlines.

The Balearic government has a similar view. When the new discount came in, President Armengol had in fact requested that the national government set up a commission to keep a watch on prices and to control them in order to prevent what she described as "illegal practices".

Xavier Ramis, the director-general for ports and airports is concerned by the situation and is in regular contact with the development ministry regarding controls of airlines and shipping companies: the discount also applies to ferry travel.