Sant Llorenç

The search for Arthur and the clean up operation in Sant Llorenç continued yesterday with government housing being made available.


It is a week tonight since the torrential storm washed 12 people to their death, left scores injured and devastated the town of Sant Llorenç and caused widespread chaos to the surrounding area in the north east of Majorca.

The emergency services, the army and thousands of volunteers have dedicated their time, food and shelter to helping the massive clean up and over the weekend a sense of normality returned to the town.

Yesterday, schools reopened, some of the urban bus services were running and the tonnes of mud which clogged the streets and burst into houses began to disappear. But the town and surrounding area is still in mourning and will never forget last Tuesday night.

The ferocious storm not only claimed the lives of local residents but Britons, German and Dutch and yesterday the search for five-year-old Arthur Robinson Lliteras resumed. He was travelling with his mother and eight-year-old sister when their vehicle was caught in the fast moving floodwater.

A German cyclist managed to drag the eight-year-old Ursula to safety but little could have been done to have saved Arthur and their mother Joana.

Her body was later found inside the vehicle but there was no sign of Arthur and, once the weather had calmed yesterday and conditions improved, the search for Arthur on land, in the air and at sea resumed.

Balearic President Francina Armengol returned to the scene to lend her support and solidarity to the clean up operation while the director-general for emergencies, Pere Perello, said that 312 experts from the Guardia Civil, National Police, air sea rescue and the military are involved in the search for Arthur.

He also confirmed that a total of 322 homes, 324 vehicles and 30 shops had been damaged by the flash flood, with the cost of repairing just the local roads set at around 22 million euros, but that could rise.

The government also announced that six nearby properties are being made available to victims of the storm who have been left homeless and that structural engineers will begin inspecting the damaged properties from this morning to assess the damage and decide what action has to be taken to restore the homes and business to their former glory.
The water, gas and electricity companies also have teams on the ground.

On Sunday, the family of Joana and Arthur released a short statement which read: "Despite all of the tough moments that we are going through we must thank all of those who are continuing to tirelessly search for Arthur." The message of thanks was sent out to the security forces, emergency services and also anonymous members of the public who have taken part. "We will keep all of the love that you are showing us in our hearts."