Clean up.


Tirme and Mac Insular, the companies responsible for waste landfill, incineration and recycling in Majorca, have removed more than 4,000 tonnes of rubbish from the flood areas in the northeast of the island. This amount will rise as there is still work to be undertaken in Capdepera and Sant Llorenç. The Council of Majorca's environment department, which has been overseeing the operation involving more than forty trucks, says 1,040 kilos of dead animals have been taken away.

The Aevab association of vehicle-hire companies has made 37 vehicles available to Sant Llorenç town hall. These have been used over the past week, and three of them will be available at least three of them until the end of the month. Under the supervision of the town hall, they have been for use by members of the public whose cars were written off. They have included vans for transporting items such as new household electrical goods.

The association's members have themselves suffered losses. Ten cars which had been parked in S'Illot were damaged beyond repair; the total value is put at 200,000 euros.

At least five hundred insurance claims have so far been made. Many of these, says the institute of assessors, will be processed rapidly because the damage is comparatively minor. For the larger claims there will have to be more detailed assessment. The president of the institute, Daniel Salamanca, stresses that the number of claims will rise. There is to be a public meeting in Sant Llorenç next week to provide more information.

The Majorca Fire Brigade has produced a report on properties affected by the floods. A number have been cordoned off, and there are ten that need priority intervention. Some of the houses are old and have been unoccupied for several years. Others are new.