Valldemossa is Majorca's richest municipality in terms of average income per resident. The Tax Agency has released 2016 income figures for all of Spain's municipalities with 1,000 or more residents, and Valldemossa is number 29, the same ranking as in 2015.

The average income in Valldemossa was 39,689 euros, over 4,000 euros more than the second highest ranking Majorcan municipality, Esporles. At 51 on the list, down four places compared with 2015, the average in Esporles was 35,272. There are two other municipalities in the top one hundred - Bunyola in seventy-second spot and Alaro in ninety-ninth. This was quite a leap for Alaro. In 2015, it was ranked 168 in the country.

The lowest average income of the island's municipalities was Capdepera. With a figure of 20,408, it was 1,315 nationally, an improvement of 93 places over 2015.

It might be expected to find Calvia right up towards the top, as it is considered - in general terms - to be Majorca's wealthiest municipality. But it has a much higher population than the top four and a population that is diluted, in income terms, by a significant tourism sector labour force base. Salaries in the hospitality industry are among the lowest. Calvia was therefore at 163 in the 2016 list with an average income of 29,391. Palma was 184 (28,973). Of municipalities that don't feature because of their low populations, Deya would certainly rank highly.

The overall average income in the Balearics was 26,790 euros, although only seventeen municipalities were above this figure. The Spanish average was 25,950 euros. The top-ranked municipality was Pozuelo de Alarcón in Madrid with 53,528 euros. The lowest was Zahínos in Extremadura on 10,376 euros.