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Félix Azón, the director-general of the Guardia Civil was in Majorca yesterday to meet officers who were deployed because of the flooding in Sant Llorenç and neighbouring areas. He congratulated them on their work. "We are very proud of the work they have done."

The director-general visited S'Illot, where work is continuing on clearing debris from the torrent and on removing vehicles. "We have to recognise the work of all the other institutions. Everyone has performed extraordinary work. There were heroic acts, but we also need to acknowledge that there were heroes."

Among others in Sant Llorenç yesterday were the Heredia family, who were rescued by two Guardia officers, David Robinson, the husband of Joana and father of Arthur, and other members of his family. The gathering, which also included local mayors, was an emotional occasion, marked by tears and the tiredness being felt ten days after the tragedy.

Azón expressed the solidarity of the Spanish people and stressed that when there are tragedies such as these, everyone is affected.

An average of 150 Guardia Civil officers have been on duty each day in the three municipalities most affected by the floods - Arta, Son Servera and Sant Llorenç.

The Spanish government has officially declared Arta, Capdepera, Manacor, Sant Llorenç and Son Servera to be an emergency zone. Spokesperson Isabel Celáa said yesterday that there had been a "horrible tragedy" that had left thirteen people dead, 300 homes with serious damage and almost 200 kilometres of road plus bridges that need repairing.

With the declaration, swift financial aid will be forthcoming for damage that private individuals have suffered and urgent work on infrastructure will be carried out.

The Balearic government, meanwhile, was announcing aid to businesses. Some fifty have been identified, for which 2.8 million euros will be provided. This assistance will come from the trade and industry and tourism ministries, with maximum amounts being 30,000 euros for shops and restaurants and 100,000 euros for hotels and certain other businesses.

Families of the deceased are to receive aid of 32,000 euros.

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