Colonia de Sant Jordi



Environmentalists GOB and Terraferida are both raising objections to a potential development in Colonia Sant Jordi. Terraferida have made submissions against a five hectare site in the Ses Figueretes area that will have some 300 townhouses. This would mean that the resident population of Colonia Sant Jordi would leap from 2,600 to 3,500 "in no time at all".

The area has been classified as urban land for many years, but there has never been any development. Terraferida describe it as a "false" urban site because there are not the necessary minimum services to maintain this classification and to enable development. These services are tarmacked roads, water supply and lighting.

GOB want Ses Salines town hall to reinitiate the processing of the development project. They refer to "serious deficiencies" in the existing plan and agree that, while the area has urban land classification, there are no services.