Sant Llorenç

Houses are demolished


Two houses in Sant Llorenç village have been demolished. They were both so badly affected by the floods on 9 October that they were beyond repair and restoration.

The demolition decisions were made following inspections of properties under the auspices of the regional land ministry. As well as the two demolished houses, around fifty suffered significant structural damage that is repairable but will require urgent action. The number of properties seems certain to increase once full assessments are made in Arta as well.

Sant Llorenç town hall will now negotiate the purchase of the sites of the demolished houses. Mayor Mateu Puigrós says that acquisition by the town hall will allow an opening-up of the road from the town hall building to calle Ordinas and may well facilitate an enlargement of the Plaça Jaume Santandreu. The mayor adds that these actions will mean the removal of certain impediments that could contribute to future inundation because of flooding.

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