National Police officers involved in the "caso Cursach" investigation have been transferred to other duties. Some had asked to be moved, while others were "invited" to. The unit which had started the investigation into corruption by local police officers in Palma has effectively, therefore, been dismantled. This includes the chief inspector of the National Police's money laundering squad who had been heading the investigation into Bartolomé Cursach.

The inspector, it is understood, had himself asked for a transfer, and he was offered a post at the IT group. Another inspector was "invited" to move on and has done - to the Playa de Palma police station.

There has in fact been a regular movement of officers. The inspector who started the investigation together with the anti-corruption prosecutor Miguel Àngel Subirán has left Majorca and is now in Madrid. An officer from the money laundering squad who had direct dealings with the prosecution service moved on a few months later.

The National Police recently announced the formation of a new group for technology crimes, and this has in any event meant something of restructuring. Where the money laundering squad is concerned, there has been internal criticism of its work for some time. Consequently, the transfers have not come as a great surprise.