Flooded torrent.


The public administration minister, Catalina Cladera, told parliament yesterday that there were sixty cases of houses in Pollensa having suffered "mild" damage because of the 19 October floods. The damage was principally to furniture and electrical goods such as fridges. President Armengol added that aid for private individuals affected in Pollensa and for repairing roads is being processed. In general terms, the floods in October, including the devastating ones of 9 October in Sant Llorenç and the northeast, are being met with aid that is being delivered more rapidly than ever before.

Miquel Vidal of the Partido Popular wanted to know what actions are being taken in Pollensa with regard to the condition of the torrents. There had been, he observed, many complaints about lack of maintenance and accumulation of debris. His namesake, environment minister Vicenç Vidal, responded by suggesting that, even if residents had been saying the torrents were clean and cleared, the effect of the rain was a different matter.

Cladera insisted that "great investment" is being made in order to guarantee that the torrents are in good condition. There is a budget for this both this year and next, she added.

Jaume Font of El Pi, meanwhile, argued that actions have not been sufficient. Some torrents are "filthy", he stated. Before there is some other weather event this winter, things need to be done.