Bridge work under way.


Since the devastating floods of 9 October, the road between Arta and Colonia Sant Pere has been closed, the main damage having been caused to the bridge near to the Arta exit.

Repairing the bridge is likely to be delayed by the obtaining of the necessary material and the regular rainfalls. Because of this, the Council of Majorca is assessing the installation of a temporary military bridge.

Representatives from the Council of Majorca - infrastructure and finance councillors Mercedes Garrido and Cosme Bonet - have inspected the site along with the army's commanding general in the Balearics, Juan Cifuentes. They have also, together with Arta and Sant Llorenç town hall officials, looked at other roads that were badly affected by the floods. Twenty-one need work, and the cost is put at 23 million euros.

All the roads that were closed are now reopen with the exception of the Atra-Colonia MA-12 and the Porto Cristo-Son Servera MA-4023.

Garrido says that different options for the Arta bridge are under consideration, with the weather a factor to be taken into account. A military bridge is simple to instal, and it may be the short-term solution.