There has been yet another pyromaniac incident in Palma. In the early hours of Thursday morning, a car parked on the calle Barranquilla in the Llevant estate was set alight.

This was totally destroyed, a second was seriously affected, and a third was far less damaged because of prompt intervention by the Palma Fire Brigade. Fire crew members broke a window, released the hand brake and were able to push the car out of harm's way.

The National Police have become involved because of the sheer number of incidents. Over the past ten months, some 250 rubbish containers have been set alight at a cost of 160,000 euros. Over twenty vehicles have been set on fire as well.

The police have different theories as to who is responsible. One is that there is a group of youths who have absconded from the Es Pinaret detention centre. Another is that there is a lone former worker with the Emaya municipal services agency who is bent on revenge. Whoever it is, the police point to the fact the arson is always on streets without surveillance cameras and without bars or other establishments nearby.

The incident on Thursday was in a place close to the motorway, meaning that rapid access and exit was possible. The police are convinced that it is someone who knows exactly what they're doing.