Son Gotleu



Six cars and 25 motorcycles at the car park for the Palma police station in Son Gotleu were almost certainly deliberately set on fire on Monday morning around five o'clock. The councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor, estimates the damage to be at least half a million euros. As well as the vehicles, part of the Casal de Barri building was affected and computers were among items damaged.

The National Police are in charge of the investigations, while insurers are assessing the situation. All the vehicles were gutted. Pastor notes that there will be a substantial cost for replacing vehicles.

The chief of Palma police, Josep Palouzié, says that the fire was "in all probability" intentional and had two separate origins. Pastor has no doubt that it was deliberate. The police station is normally closed at night.

The Casal de Barri building, among other uses, houses social services workers. They have been transferred to two other centres for the time being.