The two giant reservoirs in the Tramuntana, Cuber and Gorg Blau, both normally run fairly low by the end of the tourism season, but the rain this autumn has meant that their combined capacity is 65.6%, double what it was in November last year.

Gorg Blau has more water - it is around 80% capacity - with both reservoirs having been topped up since the end of October: Cuber by 86 centimetres and Gorg Blau 104.

In March, the Emaya municipal services agency in Palma started drawing between 400 and 500 litres per second. Despite this, the capacity has gone up and has created a very different situation to last year. Into November, and Emaya is now reducing the supply and will cut it off completely later this month in order to ensure that high reserves are maintained. The agency will draw on supplies from wells and desalination plants instead.

In November 2015 the combined capacity was 43%, in 2016 it was 26% and last year 33%. This November is therefore very much better than the past three years.