Santanyi town hall has signed an agreement by which a museum dedicated to the founder of Cala d'Or, Josep Costa Ferrer (Don Pep), will be created in a municipal building in the Punta Grossa area.

The agreement is with the Costa family, and the museum will house items from the family collection. The town hall has been working on making this museum a reality for the past couple of years. Meetings with Don Pep's granddaughter, Margarita Serra, and other family members have now resulted in the agreement.

The collection will include artwork, plans, documentation and other items. Don Pep, also known as Picarol, was foremostly a caricaturist. Originally from Ibiza, he formed an initial idea for a development that would be a haven for people from the arts. In the early 1930s he acquired land that he was to rename Cala d'Or (the Gold Cove). The subsequent development drew on Ibizan architecture.