Tolo Salom, the president of the association of secondhand car dealers, says that sales of new and used cars have dropped by around 20% since the Balearic government issued its proposals for climate change legislation, which include a commitment to electric vehicles.

He says that the slump in sales has been greater in the secondhand market but that the whole car sales sector has been affected negatively. The government's proposals have prompted anxiety and uncertainty among dealers, manufacturers and consumers, with the latter particularly confused. This is leading to consumers delaying purchasing decisions. They are worried, as are businesses, that there will be vehicles which are left "inoperative" because of the environmental regulations.

Salom is in favour of measures that reduce and eliminate pollution, but he questions the logic of placing such a high commitment on electric vehicles when a great deal of effort and investment will be needed in order to establish the charging infrastructure.

Under the legislation, no more new diesel vehicles would be introduced into the Balearics from 2025. The same prohibition would apply to petrol vehicles from 2035. The proposals are opposed by various business sectors, such as transport and car hire.